A small studio with big dreams

Ambitiously aiming to bring immersive experiences and great worlds.

We are a small, independent game studio based in Slovakia.

Our goal is to build great experiences, filled with passion and soul — heartily believing that quality and attention to detail matters down the road.

Our Games

We are developing HTML5 games.

As part of starting up and improving our tools, we are currently focusing on small and simple multiplayer web games.

Our games are free to play and you can host them on your site.


Our founder keeps a blog, in case you’re interested.

Main Endeavor

First goal on our never-ending roadmap is build a portal for multiplayer web games. Come and play!

Role Playing Games

One of our long-term goals is to make and play RPGs.

Whenever we have time and energy left, we invest it into Fantasy Sphere, our way of making the games we actually want to make.